Early diagnosis of a disease is important to increase the success of treatment. For this reason, as a result of check-up scans, the early diagnosis of various diseases such as cancer increases the treatment success.

Why Check-Up?

  • If you are aiming for a long and healthy life,
  • If you want to know what to do for this,
  • If you want to see that you are as healthy as you feel,
  • If you can not take the time to be in a healthy life rhythm,
  • If the common diseases in your family concern you,
  • If you want to catch diseases early and treat them easily, you have a Check-Up

When do you have to do it?

In general, if you do not have any complaints, we recommend the checkup interval according to your age:

  • At age 20, you can measure your cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure values ​​once,
  • If the values ​​are normal, at intervals of 5 years up to 30 years,
  • Every 3 years in the age range of 30-40,
  • After 40 years of age,

As the age increases, the risk of illness increases, and the importance of checkup is increasing.

The check-up must be personal

Check-up is not just a process of examination. The specialist doctor’s examinations to be made prior to these audits are aimed to achieve the most reliable result by providing information about the person’s complaints, stories, CVs, genealogy, habits, The results obtained are interpreted by specialists. For this reason, a check-up without a doctor’s examination is unthinkable. Even people with no illness and complaints should measure cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure at least once a year at 20 years of age.

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