Turkey is in the second spot in the list of countries with highest number of hospitals in the world.
The recent hike in the numbers of Private Hospitals in particular brings more competition to the health sector while also boosts the quality of the medical services.

Here are the some figures regarding the Numbers of Hospitals in Turkey:
Health Ministry’s Hospitals: Nearly 890
University Hospitals: Nearly 70
Private Hospitals: Nearly 580

Majority of the Private Hospitals are operating in Istanbul. Istanbul playing host to %38 of Private Hospitals operating in Turkey.

There are over 50 health institutions in Turkey, which managed to be awarded with the Quality and Accreditation Certificate in the Health Care by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which is considered as the Gold Seal of Approval in the global health sector.

Both the keen attention for high quality in the medical studies and the fast implementation of the newest improvements in the health field with closely following the developments in the medical domain increase the demand for Turkey as a Health Tourism hub.

Furthermore, several Health Staff, who are expert in their fields and continuously develop their skills, also a reason for the recent increase in demand for the Turkish health services.

Evaluating the price policy in the Turkish health sector, Turkey is very reasonably-priced compared to the other countries in general, thus it is increasingly becoming an epicentre for health tourism offered to the foreign patients.

For example, a hair transplantation operation costs £5.000 – £7.500 in UK while the same operation with better techniques as well as one or two days of accommodation, travel and a tour of Istanbul costs nearly £2.000. It is also even possible a lower price. Therefore, the Turkish health sector provides a doubled economical advantage should the costs between two countries are being compared.

On the other hand, the money means nothing when it comes to the health in many cases. For example, people immediately want to know the health problems of themselves or of their beloved ones and also wish the problem to be sorted out at once afterwards. The financial cost means nothing in these cases, but the health system in England put the patient in the wait-list and giving an appointment to the uttermost date for even a basic radiography test required for a simple diagnosis. The timing of the operation is being left to a later date and the patient and her/his relatives have nothing to do but wait.

If a patient considers to visit Turkey in such a case, the process will be different. On the first day, the conduct of physical examination and required tests is finished while on the second day, the results of these tests will arrive for a consultation. Based on these results, the physician will let the patient know whether a surgery is needed or not after her/his assessment of tests.  If the patient would like to get a second opinion, she/he also has a chance to get her/his test results and deliver them to another physician. In a short span of time, the patient will know her/his medical state and the status of her/his illness and she/he will be able to make a decision based on these results.Why Turkey?

Why Turkey?