Our journey in the Health Sector has begun after being impressed by a conversation between the Chief Physician and a Patient in a cute and respectful Private Hospital in Istanbul’s Kadıkoy district in the early 2000s when the concept of the Private hospitals was in its early development stages. In this time of period, the Social Security Institution (SGK) was operating separately with the Retirement Fund and Social Security Organization for Artisans on one hand and the Self-Employed (Bağkur) on the other. And each state institution has its own hospitals, such as SGK Hospital, Public Hospital, Teachers’ Hospital, Police Forces’ Hospital and etc.

Our journey continued with management operations in several Hospitals and Health Institutions and also with the consultancy services in the Private Hospitals and Health Institutions, as well as in the Insurance and Banking Retirement Funds in the ensuing years. Later on, our operations was diversified with Health Tourism Agency and finally our work has been concluded to a different level as we founded the Health Istanbul London Ltd in London, which has been formed as a health bridge with two footings – one in England and one Turkey.

Considering the recent improvements in the health sector in Turkey, as well as the current state of the health system in England, we have been observing a day-by-day ongoing boost in demand from England for the health services in Turkey.

Turkey has become a hub for varying health services, including Plastic Treatments, Hair Transplantation, Laser Eye Applications and Dental Treatments, which are not included in the NHS system. Furthermore, the long waiting lists for the treatments included in the NHS system are also forcing patients to seek alternative solutions.

Within this framework, we have been working on solutions to let patients to receive easier, faster and affordable health services in Turkey by bringing our experiences in this sector to England.

In addition to our current health firm “Health Istanbul Ltd” we have established our new company “Health Istanbul London Ltd” for delivering you better services as we have also been increasing our operations with each passing day.

With our collaboration with many hospitals and physicians in Turkey, we also have a broad database and experience, which state the best physicians for particular diagnoses and treatments, as well as the most appropriate hospital options for better treatments.

Our aim is to lead patients who seek to get medical treatments in Turkey to the right options of a physician and a hospital on the most appropriate timing as well as the best affordable prices, thus conducing these people toward a recovery.

As part of our operation, we offer welcoming at the Airport, Accommodation and Interpretation services in a whole package, with which we ensure you that we will be right next to you from the beginning to the end and even after your return to England.

Remember “There is no wealth better than the health.

About Us

About Us