We continue to use our experience, which we have acquired in the different levels of the health sector in years, for the Health Tourism. We are glad to help several patients from many countries ranging from Azerbaijan to Russia, Iran to United Arab Emirates, Romania to France, the Netherlands to England to visit Turkey for finding a cure to their medical problems.

We carry on with offering better services in the light of our experiences since we have had a first-hand knowledge in finding the best hospital and physician options for particular diagnoses and treatments in several cases.


In the light of our broad experience, we maintain our efforts to help you in the entire process from the beginning to the end and even afterwards thanks to our newly-established firm in London, Health Istanbul London Ltd, which we founded to offer you better services.

We present you alternative options after you reached us and tell us your medical issue, as well as your request for the solution to your problem. We schedule an appointment with the related physician and the hospital after you inform us as per the most suitable option for yourself. We deliver you the detailed program after arranging the transportation from the airport, making reservation from an hotel and assigning you an interpreter if needed. Being stick to this detailed plan, we welcome you at the airport before taking you to your hotel and also accompany you during your appointment with your physician and your stay at the hospital. When you return your home after your treatment, we are right next to you for your all questions and problems with a guarantee from Health Istanbul London, which is based in England.

We are with you both in Turkey and in England after your return.


We have specific collaboration with specific problem-focused physicians in addition to our cooperation with many Hospitals and Health Institutions as a Health Tourism Agency.

We also have agreements with hotels with affordable prices that are near to the locations, where you will receive your Health Services.


When our patient has troubles in deciding on which health services she/he will receive in the cases requiring a delicate treatment or multiple treatments, we help our guests to receive the most accurate care after visiting another doctor for the second opinion or even one more for the third opinion.


We see all the process as whole since our basic aim is to deliver you the most suitable health service on the right timing on the most accurate terms and with the most affordable prices.” We try to deliver “the most suitable service on the most accurate terms” while taking the burdens over your shoulders as we tackle your problems with a whole service attitude, which includes transportation from the airport, accommodation, interpretation service, follow-up and controls of the Hospital processes and also afterwards.


In our increasingly globalised word; “time is very valuable for everyone. In today’s world the saying of “time is of the essence proved to be true. We believe that “everyone’s time is very precious. Assessing our all process with this mindset, we act to craft a plan, which aims at having the best use of our esteemed guests’ time with the most effective way. We continue to offer you our services with scheduling all your appointments and preparing a specific program for you.

Why Us?

Why Us?