Muscle Aesthetics

Why is it not easy to obtain an athletic and muscular body? 

Main factors for having an athletic and muscular body are: how fit is your body to increase muscle mass fat ratio of the body fat distribution in the body nutrition habits sleep patterns disciplined, regular and long-term exercise program physical condition and strength Heredity is one of the most important criteria of having a muscular and athletic body. The body tends to increase the muscle mass as the distribution of fat tissue in the body is inherited. Therefore; it may be difficult to achieve an athletic body for some, while others will gain the shape they thrive for easily. Most of the fat tissue is stored in the abdominal and waist areas. This is the reason why many people are facing the so called bagels in the abdominal area. This fatty tissue is difficult to shape and contour. Although abdominal muscles are not difficult to develop, they are the most difficult muscle group to make visible and shape.

What actually is muscle aesthetics?

Muscle aesthetics is a body shaping operation that gives you a healthy, dynamic, fit, athletic and muscular body. The operation is based on the preservation or enhancement of the tissue in the areas where the muscles are bending, and the removal of the fatty tissue in the areas of the muscles with the liposuction technique. By applying this innovative technique, the muscles are made clear and visible. Muscle aesthetic operations create a visible effect over the muscles as the effect of a naturally shaped abdominal area. The operation technique creates this major reshaping of the muscles without the use of any external implant, only by modeling the fatty tissue.
Muscle Aesthetics

Who can benefit from this new technique?

Muscle aesthetics provide great results, especially for those who are trying to acheive a dream body with no luck: to men and women at young and middle age, who wish to have an athletic look to people with no general obesity, but with a stubborn regional excessive fat to people who have difficulty in developing their muscle tissue and making it visible for those who do not have the time for intense exercise but desire to achieve a muscular body in no time.

How is a muscular aesthetic surgery performed?Muscle Aesthetics   

Our surgeons evaluate muscle and fat tissue in the body and plan individual aesthetic surgery for best results. In modern aesthetic surgery, improving a single body part is not enough to achieve the desired effect, as the body is a complete mechanism and requires combined interventions. Applying this operation in combination with reducing enlarged male breasts (gynecomastia) or shaping body proportions would be the most appropriate option for the patients.




Muscle Aesthetics


The area where muscle aesthetics is most commonly applied is the abdominal area. For this reason, aesthetic operations reshaping the abdominal area in men are also known in English as six packs, and in ladies – two packs. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Milimetric incisions are required for laser penetration in the adipose tissue around the abdominal muscles to contour them. These incisions close easily after the operation and leave no visible scars on the areas.




What are the advantages of muscle aesthetic surgery?

Muscle aesthetic surgery:

  • is very practical and a short-term operation
  • is performed through small surgical incisions which are 4-5 mm long corresponding to the body folds. That’s why, there is almost no scar.
  • has no pain
  • has a short recovery process
  • provides dynamic, fit, athletic and a muscular body immediately after the operation.

On which parts of the body is the surgery performed?

The surgery is performed by modeling the abdominal muscles, the back, the arms, the thighs and the area around the hips

Muscle Aesthetics


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