Breast Aesthetics

Why are the aesthetic appearance of breasts important?

Full, pert breasts that are of the right dimensions are one of the most important aspects of female beauty. Breasts that are smaller or larger than desired or are saggy due to anatomical or developmental factors can cause psychological problems that can lower a person's quality of life. It is almost inevitable that breasts will sag as a result of succumbing to gravity and ageing.

Breast Aesthetics








Hormonal changes that take effect in different stages of a woman's life, genetic factors, weight-gain or loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause breast tissue to lose shape as well as excessive enlargement or sagging. Breasts that are not of the desired form can lead to psychological problems such as embarrassment, lack of self-confidence, difficulty when choosing clothes and even depression and a number of physical problems such as bad posture, hunchback, neck and lower-back pains including herniated discs, numbness in the shoulders caused by trapped nerves in the hands and arms, loss of energy and weight-gain caused by a loss desire to exercise. Partial or complete breast removal due to breast cancer and enlarged breasts (gynaecomastia) in men too can cause aesthetic and social problems.

Breast Aesthetics


What types of breast aesthetic operations are there? 

Breast aesthetic operations aim to resolve unwanted changes and misshapenness in breast tissue and to ensure that the breasts attain the desired form. The loss of shapeliness in breast tissue and can sometimes lead to enlarged nipples. Nipples are made smaller during the operation in such cases, too. Breast aesthetic operations is an extremely satisfying experience for many women. Breast aesthetic operations are performed with modern, innovative techniques that leave no scarring and which can be used on patients of all ages. Healing is quick and treated breasts maintain their new dimensions and shapes for years after operations. Around 600.000 breast enlargement, reduction and lift operations are performed on women each year in the USA alone.





1-Breast enlargement operations

Breast Aesthetics

Breast volume is increased with breast implants made of silicone during breast enlargement operations. Breast enlargement operations are the showing the fastest global rise in popularity of all aesthetic operations. In 2010 alone, 300.000 women underwent a breast enlargement operation in the USA. Surveys have suggested that breast enlargement operations have the highest patient satisfaction rates for surgical procedures. The aim of breast enlargement operations is not limited to enlarging but also shaping the breast. The anatomical structure of the body and the rib cage as well as factors such as skin anatomy are taken into consideration together with the patient's expectations when deciding on the implant to be used. New generation breast implants offer a very wide range of solutions with differing volumes, sizes and shapes.

2-Breast reduction operations

Breast Aesthetics  Large breasts lose their shape and sag due to the effect of gravity. Yo-yo dieting, pregnancy and breastfeeding all the more so cause breasts to get bigger and sag. Large breasts cause a portly, ungainly and aged appearance. Large breasts cause neck, back and shoulder pain and permanent spinal deformities. Irritation and skin problems occur over time when the bottom of the breasts are always left sweaty and airless. The aim of breast reduction operations is to reduce the breasts so that they achieve proportionality with the body. Breasts are lifted and given a conical shape at the same time during these operations. Breast reduction operations don't affect the ability to breastfeed in the future as milk glands are not removed.

Breast life operations

A surgical procedure to make sagging breasts pert once again. During breast lift operations, nipples are moved to where they should be, breast tissue is shaped and excess skin is removed. Excess tissue is removed if the breasts are large or are supported with silicone if they are small. Breast reduction operations are performed to reduce large or sagging breasts as well as to enlarge breasts that have hollowed out and sagged due to giving birth and weight loss.

Breast Aesthetics



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